Monday, September 17, 2007

Quote of the Day 17.9.2007

"God forbid that a well-educated man govern the country instead of an illiterate, ill-educated, cloth-capped working-class socialist snob and sock-puppet such as [Gordon] Brown, [Bob] Piper, [Dave] Lambert and yourself." - C4' B.A. (Hons.) to young Master Aaron Heath (age 13)


tyger said...

But where did you actually write that?

Or are you just saying it now?

BTW. Me and Mr. Lambert don't actually govern anything. Also, do you know WFT a "sock-puppet" is?

C4' said...

Don't try to play the fool with me kiddo, you can't fool me like you fool your poor children. The comment was posted on your website, but being the typical socialist that you are (i.e. fearing being exposed as a liar and a fraud), you most likely deleted it without reading it.

Only socialists and cowards use comment moderation. Such a feature is a violation of freedom of expression and a form or censorship.

tyger said...


WTF are you talking about? I have never deleted a post of yours. You make me piss. I welcome them.

Fraud? Seriously, dude, I couldn't give a flying fuck what you squeak.

Comment moderation is for spam. You have already had a comment approved in the past, so it wouldn't affect you. It would appear automatically.

So, for whatever reason, it didn't post. I get over 20-pages of spam comments a day. If I didn't have moderation (and .htaccess filtering at the database level), it would be over-run. So stop talking about techie-stuff you know fuck-all about.

I'll have a look for your comment - or you can try and re-post. It wasn't deleted.

tyger said...

C4 - yes, your comment found itself in the Spam bin, as you can see. So, clearly I didn't delete it. I'm sorry if this rather pisses on your "socialist liar" theory.


Oh hum.

tyger said...

BTW. There were two of your comments in the spam bin.

Must be something you said that triggered the Askimet filter.