Thursday, September 27, 2007

26.9.2007 - The Day We Lost The Next General Election

This statement by Iain Dale was our declaration of surrender:
As much as I despise Adolf Blair and Gordon McStalin, they cannot be blamed for this development. The real reason for this development is the rise of Communist China's economy, which is currently growing at over 11% a quarter due to cheap labour costs and massive inward investment. Let us also not forget that China is still a developing country and that the total population of that country stands at around 1.5 BILLION people compared to only the 60 million that live in developed-world Britain.
Iain Dale (whose reputation as a serious political blogger has already been damaged by his hopelessly over-optimistic predictions about Conservative success at the Earling Southall by-election, his sycophantic courting of David "Heir To Adolf Blair" Cameron The Cuntarse in return for a safe parliamentary seat at the next general election and his lack of a thick-skin when it comes to satire about himself from other bloggers) has killed his own credibility as an analyst with such a feeble and ill-researched line of attack on McStalin's economic record. Not only that, he has also in effect, held up and waved the white flag of surrender to a gloating Labour party at the next general election on behalf of the Tories. If I were David Davis and Herr Dale were still my Chief of Staff, I would sack him for his incompetence.
And to think that this man was recently voted as Britain's top right-wing blogger. Maybe the right-wing blogosphere isn't in such rude health as Herr Nice But DimsDale claims?!?

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Anonymous said...

I've called Dale a Cameron cock sucking cunt in the past, and called him a cunt that is not a blogger, and I see no reason ever to have changed that opinion.

He started off fine, then fucked it up by taking the 'reform is needed' tack with that utter cunt Cameron, and ditched everything that made him a true Tory, like many others.