Thursday, September 20, 2007

Terry Kelly Declares War On The Mormons

This is a bit old, but it is typical of our 'hero' Councillor Terry Kelly:
"A PAISLEY councillor has launched an astonishing attack on the Mormon religion, dubbing its members "morons" and "buffoons."
Terry Kelly also said he hopes God will "visit a plague of boils and locusts" on them.
Mr Kelly, who is the Labour Party member for Ferguslie, launched the tirade against The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on his website.
He calls the US Mormon Brigham Young University "repugnant."And the councillor even attempts to crack a joke about the young Mormon missionaries often seen at work on Paisley's streets.
He writes: "What do you call two young, well dressed, crop headed Yanks walking around a Scottish housing estate?
"Quick the Mormons are in the street, shut the curtain, don't answer the door, and let the dug oot."
Mr Kelly also launches an attack on Mormon MSP Brian Adam.
He alleges: "The SNP and the fundamentalist religious dinosaurs is a story which refuses to go away ... now we find out that the SNP are up to their elbows in (it) with the repugnant Brigham Young University in Utah, USA, better known to us of course as the Mormons.
"Card carrying Mormon and SNP MSP Brian Adam has been instrumental in bringing these Moron students to work as "Interns" at Holyrood for SNP MSPs."
He adds: "The deeds that are done and the poison which is spread in the name of Christ drives me to despair.
"I say to Mr Adam and the Moron religion, gentle Jesus would not touch you with a barge pole, I hope the Lord will visit a plague of boils and locusts on the lot of you.
"If you are black and gay the Moron Church will pray to have the warmest corner of hell saved for you."
And in an apparent reference to Jesus, Mr Kelly adds: "Oh! And by the way what do these Christian buffoons reckon the chances of an acceptance to B.Y.U. would be for a 33-year-old male who still lives with his mammy and has only ever had men friends (12 of them), one called John whom he loved " I think Mr Adam and the Morons should let us know."
Douglas Yates, publicity officer for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Paisley, expressed his shock and disgust at Mr Kellyundefineds attack on his religion.
He said: "It is extremely disappointing to see Councillor Kelly's negative views of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members on his website.
"His repeated use of offensive language to denigrate the Church and its members can be construed as religious bigotry.
"Councillor Kelly is also factually incorrect in his assertions."However, the Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us that we should love our enemies, so we will bear no ill will towards Councillor Kelly, but hope that he will remember that he represents a section of the population where there are many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints residing, some of whom may have voted for him at the last local authority election.
"Why Councillor Kelly should have such a jaundiced view of the Church and its members only he will know, but it is worth reflecting that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been in Scotland since 1840 with its very first congregation established in Paisley in May, 1840.
"Latter-day Saints are taught to be law-abiding, community serving, alcohol and drug abstaining, productive members of their community.
"If Councillor Kelly were to have had any dealings with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints he would soon be disabused of the notions he espouses.
"When contacted by the Paisley Daily Express, Mr Kelly dismissed the comments on his website as a "joke."
He said: "It was tongue in cheek. It was meant to be funny."
But he added: "I don't like the Mormon Church and what it stands for."He added he deplored what he alleged was the church's hostility towards black people and homosexuals.
"But I would be happy to talk to Douglas Yates."
Brian Adam said he did not wish to comment on Mr Kelly's remarks.
But he added: "The public will make their own judgment about Mr Kelly's intemperate and inaccurate views.
"Since being contacted by the Paisley Daily Express about the website article, Mr Kelly added a preface to it saying that he would be removing it "shortly."
He writes: "Having spoken to colleagues I am persuaded that the way it's written could allow those whom I criticise to muddy the waters by turning the argument into a debate about my character and thereby avoid the serious issues that I raise."
He also pointed out that the views expressed were entirely his own, and not those of the Labour Party or Renfrewshire Council."
I have no love for the Mormons, but in this case they have my backing against that racist, homophobic socialist imbecile and hypocrite. I also admire the way that the Mormons declined to lower themselves to El Tel's primitive style of argument.

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