Thursday, September 20, 2007

Memo To McStalin: Sack Harperson

The Leader of the House of Commons, Minister for Women and Deputy Leader of the Labour party Harriet "Harperson" Harman has found guilty of speeding for a second time in just two years after pleading guilty via post. When a government minister and lawmaker breaks the nation's laws, particularly when some of these laws concern public safety on the roads, then it is the duty of the offender to resign from their government office or their superiors' duty to dismiss if they will not resign of their own accord. Neither has happened in this case, which is an absolute disgrace. Far from being tough on crime and it's causes, not only do Harperson and her boss both seem to think that they are above the law, but these nasty authoritarian hypocrites also think that they have a right to penalise others more severely for identical offences. No wonder public confidence in our politicians is at an all-time low.

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