Monday, April 30, 2007

A Letter To A Homonazi

Just under a year ago, I wrote a letter to the Homonazi Johann Hari, objecting to some of his remarks about patriotism and the Right. Here is what I wrote:
Dear Mr. Hari,
I am writing to you in response to your 3 August 2006 commentary in the Independent (‘Why does the right hate Britain so much?’).
I am writing to you to register my disgust at your ignorant, misleading and even libellous comments about both the Right and in particular Mr. Richard Littlejohn. To suggest as you did that Mr. Littlejohn is in someway the intellectual (and I use that word in the loosest possible sense) mentor of the utterly ghastly Nick Griffin and his abhorrent little BNP rabble is not only deeply offensive, but also unforgivable. You and your fellow left-wing brethren are shameless black propagandists living in a fantasy world with no basis in reality whatsoever. You so-called ‘liberals’ twist and manipulate both half-truths and the truth into whatever shapes that suit you. You liberals are liars who are intellectually and morally bankrupt.
Contrary to your disingenuous claims and clichéd caricatures, not all of us on the Right are lunatics, bigots and reactionaries who are either living in the past or are lusting for a previous mythical golden age of a British Eden that never existed. Most of us embrace the positive aspects of today’s multicultural British society with open arms. For anyone to suggest that we should prompt and return to some ‘fossilised’ golden age along the lines I have already mentioned is in effect conceding that our culture is incapable of evolving into something greater and more inclusive. As a graduate of History, I am well aware that cultures that fail to evolve stagnate and die and these are the reasons both Anglo-American culture and civilisation have and continue to grow and endure are down to their ability to assimilate and innovate the finest aspects of other cultures and civilisations from the Romans to the Raj. Not all of us on the Right want to deport or close our borders to genuine asylum seeking refugees because we recognise and welcome our moral obligations and civic responsibilities to those who have been forced to flee their homes by ‘illiberal liberals’ such as yourself with no concept of respect, tolerance or acceptance for our fellow humans.
What does separate us on the Right from you on the Left is our outlook on culture, society and civilisation. We on the Right realise that civilisation can both progress or regress. What we on the Right in Britain despise today in this great nation of ours is how we as a society are degenerating into savages with no informing principles, the principles of truth, justice, liberty, fair play and freedom that have nurtured the development of our nation into a living beacon of hope and aspiration to others less fortunate than ourselves. As these principles have developed our society, society in turn further developed upon these guiding principles. However, in the last century, these developments have been both stalled and then reversed by the parasitic cancer of left-wing liberalism through its countless Trojan horses such as Keynesianism and French Trotskyite political correctness. Modern day liberalism has deliberately ignored the fact that we cannot have rights without responsibilities, while also claiming that there are no such absolutes as true and false, right and wrong and good and evil, and that everything has equally legitimacy.
We on the Right are appalled by these self-destructive and hypocritical attitudes and how they have been allowed to poison the minds of our fellow citizens by liberals such as yourself. I am disgusted at your approval of binge drinking and sexual permissiveness. Society is unable to develop unless its’ citizens possess a moral centre. How can the nations’ children and young adults create a better society when they are being taught by left-wing teachers that barbarism is as legitimate as civilisation, that Adolf Hitler is as a legitimate statesman as Nelson Mandela, that Sinn Fein, Hamas and Hezbollah are just as legitimate as the Conservatives, Democrats and Republicans? Because of left-wing indoctrination, this country has and is continuing to breed generations of degenerates who refuse to recognise that rights and responsibilities are indivisible from one another. People like you Mr. Hari have supplanted common sense with political correctness and rational thoughts with irrational feelings.
We on the Right, far from hating Britain, want to both restore and develop the nation. We on the Right do not wish to return to a fictionalised heyday, but to create an ever-improving future that learns from both the mistakes and virtues of the past. We on the Right are perfectionists, we never settle for being just good enough because being good enough is simply not good enough for us. That is why you on the Left with your mongrel life philosophies hate us and hate Britain. That is why you seek to undermine the Right, British society and British history. Those of us on the Right such as the bloggers Mr. Tim Roll-Pickering, Manic Minimalist, Man in a Shed and myself will never forgive or forget what has been done and what is continuing to be done to both our nation and ourselves.
Yours truly,
C4' B.A. (Hons.)

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