Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quotes of the Day 15.3.2007

"Eco-fascism, like all shades of socialist ideology, is the politics of power through the imposition of universal misery" - C4'
"He shared completely her hatred of socialism and I grew up listening to him bellow. 'But he's a socialist!' as if describing some common criminal" - Carol Thatcher on her father
"It is an absolutely barbaric way of taking people's lives; it really is absolutely awful. Secondly, of course, there is always the possibility of making a mistake and I think, too, from a conscience point of view juries who are terrified of making a mistake will tend to find someone accused of murder "Not Guilty"." - Sir Denis Thatcher on capital punishment
"The unions were ruining our country - always on strike, which was a failure of nationalized industries - a monopoly they had. The dockers, of course, were a bloody menace. You shipped your goods down to London and the dockers wouldn't touch them. They were capable of holding the country to ransom and did.
The restrictive practices on ships was awful. When Atlas was doing ship repairing and de-greasing heat exchange equipment, unless our chaps were all members of the union they wouldn't even take your kit aboard. Our chaps had to learn to work alongside them and there were certain things they wouldn't let us do at all. You might have to connect your vaporizer up a flange and you couldn't touch it until one of their chaps turned up and did it. It only took three minutes.
One of them went to lunch and I remember our fellow connected the flange. When the union member came back he said, 'Who connected that?'
'I did' said our chap. 'I can't hang around all day waiting for you.'
So the dockers all downed tools and walked off the bloody ship. They wouldn't come backuntil the flange was disconnected. That's the sort of thing we were up against." - Sir Denis Thatcher on the trade unions

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