Friday, March 09, 2007

Patrick Mercer Is A Martyr For Common Sense; David Cameron & Iain Dale Are Boneheads

During the 1980s, the Blessed Margaret Thatcher once commented that "you can't buck the market". I would like to go further and state that no one can buck reality. Is racism a fact of life? Yes, it is! Does that mean that any sane person is prepared to tolerate or approve of racism? Absolutely not!
What Patrick Mercer said was the truth. He did not say that he welcomed or tolerated racism. Yet the politically correct brigade of the BBC and their friends tried to twist his words into something else in order to damage the Conservatives on ideological grounds. What makes me angrier however is the way Mr. Mercer has been treated by his own colleagues, particular by both David Cameron and Iain Dale. I have read Mr. Mercer's remarks and I support him 100%. If "Dave" had paid more attention to the nature of Mr. Mercer common sense comments and worried less about appeasing Polly Toynbee and her drones, then he would see that his political ambitions have not been damaged. The fact that Cameron caved into his fears about how the Left would try to spin this non-event into a second Holocaust shows that he is not ready to become Prime Minister until he stops worrying about what left-leaning elements think of him.
What saddens me more is Iain Dale's thoughts on this matter. I have lost some respect for this usually perspective man after he came out in favour of Mr. Mercer's dismissal on the grounds of "political realities". If you are reading this Mr. Dale, yes I do appreciate that certain political realities have to be respected, but let me put this opinion to you. Mr. Mercer's comments did not warrant his sacking; they certainly would not have cost the Conservatives the next general election nor done any real long-term damage to both the party or Mr. Cameron's leadership. Yes, the Left would have made a storm in a teacup about Mr. Mercer's remarks, but it would not have made his position untenable and would have been forgotten about within a few months. The fact that some weeks earlier you came out in defence of a school teacher suspended for saying that most suicide bombers are Muslims makes you a bloody hypocrite. Those reasons I have just given you demonstrate just why you are yet not a Member of Parliament and why Mr. Mercer sits as one.
I am VERY disappointed in you, Mr. Dale!


scotch said...

Oh C4'. Sigh.
"Does that mean that any sane person is prepared to tolerate or approve of racism? Absolutely not!"

Sure mate, but you seem to have got stuck just at the point before you condemn racism.

A bit like Patrick Mercer, in fact.

paige said...

I agree Mercer should not have been sacked.
If anything it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Cameron is unfit to lead the Conservatives.

Its about bloody time, we got rid of all professional politicians, their lies, greed, deceit, spin and un-reality and instead replaced them with honest, black and white, no nonsense down to earth and based in the same normality and on the same planet as 40 million other british people.

Mercer sue the Conservatives for victimisation - maybe that'll put a stop to all this bloody pr nonsense!

Colin McKelvie said...

Mercer gave an absolutely accurate account of the rough-and-ready use of barrackroom language; but that is not the same as condoning it. His downfall is entirely due to the fact that he failed to hedge around his remarks with all kinds of caveats like that, which is what Political Correctness now seeks to make us all do. It merely stifles fluent, spontaneous discourse in both public and private life. In the long run Mercer will easily survive this; it is Cameron and others who look rather foolish.

JohnM said...

Whether or not Mercer's comments were racist, the fact is that now Cameron has sacked him, the matter has passed beyond debate. The latter has accepted the proposition that white people making true statements about the failings of "some" black people is de-facto racist.

Cameron presumably did this on the mistaken assumption that this will win favour for the Conservatives amongst the metropolitan elite. On the contrary, these people will use the fact of Mercers dismissal as yet more evidence that the Conservatives are riddled with closet racists. Far better to have defended Mercer on both his history and his statements.

We have now reached a point where the failures of leftist social policies have become blindingly obvious (even to them). Multi-culturalism is apparently dead and the Conservatives ought to be saying "we told you so" rather than rushing to re-inforce the guilt-ridden idiocy. Somewhere along the line Conservatives are going to have to argue their corner in the cultural war. Cameron has just made it harder.

All in all a spectacular own goal.

PS: I condemn racism