Monday, March 05, 2007

Quote of the Day 4.3.2007

"Christianity is freedom" - Bobby Ball of Cannon & Ball fame
To say that Christianity is freedom is a very powerful message to those of a libertarian persusion. Compare this statement to that of Islam, which despite its claims that Allah gave humanity free will, openly preaches submission. It is not just the lunatic clerics that go on about submitting ourselves to Allah, as this message is a key part of the genetic code of Islam itself. Even the word Islam itself means submission. How can Muslims believe in free will when Islam tells them to submit to Allah and deny ourselves our right to autonomy, whether it is for good or ill?
Some might make the same claim of Christianity, but there is a cruical difference. God and Jesus do not want us to become mindless robots who have exchanged our liberty for slavery as is demanded by Islam. God and Jesus want us to always use our free will to enjoy a better life in this world as well as the afterlife so that we can develop a strong and enduring relationship with the Holy Trinity based on mutual trust and affection. You cannot have such a relationship based on such a rigid master/slave dynamic where the slave obeys the master out of fear instead of love as is the case with Islam. That is why I am a Christian and not a Muslim.

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