Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Will Someone Please KILL This Cunt-Faced Tosser?!?

This imbecile wants the Conservatives to be the leading force in 'progressive' politics. Someone obviously forgot to inform David Cameron (or should that be David Cuntarse) that the words 'progress' and 'progressive' have been hijacked by socialists and turned into shameful euphemisms that represent the complete opposite. How dare these communist cunts (or just commicunts) use such terms to brainwash us into embracing their regressive and degenerate ideology and how dare Cuntarse try to supplant our traditional libertarian heritage with such filth. Cuntarse and his curious fuck-bubby and personal 'pharmacist' Boy George the Ox-bore are the Tory Party's worst double-act since Senile Harold The Cuckold and Queer Ted The Traitor and if these two poof-junkies think their 'intellectual' drug-induced socialist policies as so great, then why don't these heirs to Fuhrer Blair go join the National Socialist Labour Party. I'm sure that Adolf would welcome them with open arms in his volk as his successors instead of that econazi David Sillyband's Aunt Sally/Uncle Joe Stalin!

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Anonymous said...

Just what I've been saying for some time now C4, and why I've come to despise cunts that are keeping him in power and supporting him.

They all get to sound more like New Labour apologists every day.