Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oh Dear, Big Brother Loses It's Nerve Over The Word 'Nigger'!

So Emily has been evicted from the Big Brother house for using a slang term based on the Latin word for 'black', negro even though it wasn't aimed against anyone of Afro-Caribbean origin. I may not care for the women personally, but I believe Emily was hard done by because of fears about another media and political firestorm over 'racism' on the show. The word nigger is not racist in itself just like the swastika is not a racist symbol on it's own terms. A word, any word only causes offensive if it is used in a negative and derogatory manner; should we just ban language and symbols altogether?!?
Even if the word nigger had been used to deliberately offend Afro-Caribbeans, the best way to combat this abuse of free expression is to fight back with free expression itself. Complaining about the word nigger is really rather childish and such sentiments belong with children on school playgrounds, not mature and adult societies.
Does anyone else find it ironic that Channel 4 are prepared to show a programme with photographs of Princess Diana's death despite complaints from her sons, friends and the Conservatives, yet evict someone from Big Brother for saying "nigger"? Double standards indeed!!!!

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Fidothedog said...

Cue the obvious joke about being niggerdly with regards the use of the word nigger.