Monday, June 11, 2007

Quotes of the Day 11.6.2007: Blair's Nazi Britain

Jackart's post on A Very British Dude about the new documentary film exposing the satanic heart of Adolf Blair and the National Socialist Labour Party, Taking Liberties is an absolute goldmine of cutting comments:
"I'm not sure the audience of Guardianistas in London's Curzon Cinema who sat down to watch Taking Liberties on Sunday felt the revulsion I did when I saw the trailer for The war on Democracy, a film which apparently sees no irony in lauding a man who has just passed an enabling law, has closed down most opposition media and is busy arming militias. John Pilger clearly is a cunt of Michael Moore proportions."
"We all know that St. Tony of Albion's police state is awful. To readers of this blog, that the Labour party has completed it century-held mission to destroy Britain comes as no surprise, but the film makes clear that Tony Blair's enabling law is a wide ranging, Orwellian piece of legislation making it a criminal offence to speak in anything other than totally subservient tones to anyone wearing a hi-vis vest."
"But ye gods! The Fucking war. Whilst mention was made of a range of subjects from the Natwest 3 to the Countryside Alliance, Most of the protests were about the war: Self-righteous whining lefties whittering about firms selling computer parts for bombs and such like. Nice, middle-class people being roughly treated by the police, who are shown, entirely fairly, as bullying, officious and corrupt, not the public's friend of Peelian immagination. Running through the film though was the assumption that all of the old bill's abusive new powers are exacerbated by the "illegal" (ffs) war in Iraq, and the wider war on terror. I am really fed up up with the endless criticism of Blair's international adventurism as "illegal". It isn't. It has poisoned the debate about civil liberties because opposition to Blair has coalesced around a pointless, subversive-inspired lost cause (Stop the War) which spends more time protesting about American abuses of people who hate us in dusty third-world toilets, rather than the more numerous though less serious abuses of British people by British police and the fundamental destruction of the rights of the British Subject. The war has distracted us from the fence posts of a totalitarian state being put in place. The War Against Terror (T.W.A.T), though is not the root cause of the assault on liberty.
This is merely the excuse.
The destruction of our liberties is a direct function of the welfare state. The massive extension of state powers since 1945 requires that the people be monitored, controlled, and corralled into state sanctioned behaviour. It's inevitable that the information be collected, files maintained. The Labour party is a socialist organisation and it needs to monitor, control and coerce to build a "progressive" state. How will they know from whom to take and to whom to give if they don't know everything about everyone? 9/11 gave them the opportunity that they have never had before to fuck us (for our own good, naturally) and take our liberties, something they've been itching to do since Attlee's failed attempt to create some form of democratic communism. Socialism, in any form requires oppression."
"Destroy the welfare state, give people back their courage and self-reliance and the public support for the assault on our liberties will vanish."

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