Monday, December 03, 2007

Which Is More Intelligent?

Please post your answers in the comments section


RfS said...


I had a Chocolate Orange last night and it was very nice. It was satisfying, hard to break and yummy.

I hope that you apologize to the manufacturer before I report you for defamation of their product.

On the other hand, we could ask them to consider having Kelly replace Dawn French. He reclines in his couch, opens the package, takes a slice, looks into the camera and says:

"These ARE Terry's you autistic paedophile racist Zionist inadequate. But the SNP are trying to outlaw them so hurry..."

You would of course have a special edition where Rayleen delivers the actual address to camera and makes it legible.

Oh god, now I have the Jabba the Hut scence from Star Wars in my head with Rayleen in the Princess Lea costume.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

Fidothedog said...

TK would be good selling those. "Buy Terrys orange, before the Zionist Jews murder them."