Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A National Disgrace!!!

In the name of God, Alistair Darling should go and go now!!!
Words do not convey the seething rage I'm in at the moment over the Nulab scum and the civil service lapdogs losing confidential personal and financial information about 25 million people (including my 10-year-old brother) in the bloody post. I'm also in a foul mood over the cruel and callous 'birth plan' of a local authority who plan to legal abduction a 22-year-old expectant mother's unborn child on the basis of the mother self-harming herself as a child.
Between these two episodes and my attempts to get to grips with my duties and responsibilities at my current work placement, I've fried my brain! Rest assured though, someone is going to get a piece of my mind in the very near future because I am sick to death of living in this Godforsaken country (or should that be 'cuntry') because of the left-wing cunts who are supposed to be running it (or more like fucking it up on purpose because they can).


Turd Blossom said...

Very entertaining blog. Are you on MySpace?

Keir said...

I was wondering who this 'Left wing Cunts' are that are running the country? I've yet to find any evidence that the Labour Government is left wing at all - more evidence that they are right of centre.