Friday, November 30, 2007

This Woman Is A Fascist!

"I'm a feminazi!"

Those of you who have not yet read the notorious Rose Hill, Oxfordshire Councillor Antonia Bance's blog should do so immediately in order to witness how hypocritical and intolerant the Hard Left are in this country. Cllr Bance proclaims to be a democrat who listens to the concerns of others, yet seems to think that "Freedom of speech doesn't mean a right to speak". Anyone who exposes her fascist hypocrisy on her blog gets their comments either censored or deleted. As bad as he is at withholding people's comments from publication, not even the infamous Cllr Terry Kelly is as blatant at trying to shutdown debate and personal criticism as Cllr Bance.

Cllr Bance believes in that only those that share her views should be allowed to express themselves, that men are to vigorously persecuted by the all-power tin-god called the 'State' and that this artificial creature has a right to oppress people in the pursuit of a fantasy land that will never come to be in this realm of reality that we all live in everyday.

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casper said...

Oxford City Labour Councillor Antonia Bance is once more expressing her anti-men views in her most recent ruminations on her blog: "the fathers’ rights movement are mainly misogynists." It's shameful that this man-hater is deputy director and campaigns manager for Oxfam's UK Poverty Programme. Clearly a shitty programme paid for by the gullible British tax payer!