Monday, November 05, 2007


The current Facebook profile photograph of an acquaintance of mine (who just happens to hate my guts) reminds me of the former ECW World Champion Bobby "Bathturd" Lashley's entrance pose. Normally, I wouldn't bother posting about something as trival as people posing in front of cameras, but for some months, Bobby Lashley has reminded of this acquaintance in three ways. Firstly, there are both soft spoken individuals. Secondly, they both lack a personality (no doubt because of their soft spoken natures), and finally, for reasons that elude me completely, I mark out like a schoolgirl for these two. I call this the Batista Effect, after another prowrestler called Dave Batista.
The Batista Effect is when you admire, care about, cheer for and love someone or something in spite of their obvious flaws. It is well known that Batista can't cut a decent interview to save his life, nor is his even a good wrestler, yet people still go ape shit for this guy because he possesses some kind of intangible character trait that enables you to look past his many failings. Batista has it, so does Hulk Hogan, but John Cena doesn't. Lashley and my acquaintance definitely have it, which why I can look past Lashley's lisping mic skills and my acquaintance's mean-spirited bitching about people she doesn't like behind their backs.
Perhaps Lashley and my acquaintance are distant family relations?

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