Saturday, March 08, 2008

Terry's Insults

"He would laugh at a burning orphanage" [about RfS]
"Right-wing vermin" [about me]
"A squalid wee fantasist" [about me]
"A squalid low-life character" [about me]
"You are either a lazy incompetent or a liar."
"You are a non person"
"What a miserable excuse for a human being"
"what kind of creep are you"
"makes you a bit of a low life. I take it you are a Nat."
"It was Kruschev not Kennedy who saved the world."
"If you want to come back make it briefer."
"if you want to come back and try to make sense, make it shorter."
"I’m not difficult to find tough guy"
"They are not his soldiers they are his grannies." [about Prince Harry]
"that makes you a fool then"
"OK so you can get more stupid then"
"Try an argument."
"Can you get any more stupid ?"
"The SNP and wee Alex (the spiv) love the English."
"What a strange place you inhabit."
"I don't believe you"

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