Saturday, March 08, 2008

Jacqui "Smith" Spliff - A Jew-Hating Racist As Well As A Homophobe

Not content with deporting gays and lesbians back to certain arrest, torture and execution in Islamofascist Iran, our ex-druggie of a Home Secretary has also decided to ban the deputy leader of the Jewish Likud Party from entering Britain.
I hope she gets knocked down by a bus, the bus reserves back over her, then it drives forwards over her crushed corpse again.

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casper said...

I was wondering why isn't Oxfam's UK Poverty Programme (UKPP) saying something to Jacqui Smith to stop her from deporting gays and lesbians back to Iran. And now I know why not: because the Labour-loving Councillor Antonia Bance is not prepared to say anything too critical of her beloved Labour Government and Mr. Brown!