Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Roars Of Silence Heard In Rose Hill, Oxfordshire

Despite the scandal of the Home Secretary Jacqui "Smith" Spliff attempting to deport gays and lesbians back to certain arrest, torture and execution in Islamofascist Iran, there is been no word of condemnation against Spliff's actions by the supposedly lesbian Labour Councillor for Rose Hill, Oxfordshire, Antonia Bance.
Could it be that little Miss Bance just doesn't give a damn about LGBT rights? Is she in fact a faux-lesbian?!? Or is it that Antonia cares more about "Working Towards The F├╝hrer" than standing up her princples (if she has any, other than the pursuit of absolute power for her tribe). I bet that if it was a Tory or Liberal Democrat Home Secretary that was deporting homosexuals to Iran, we would have had day after day of blog posts from Miss Bance expressing her righteous indignation at the "baby-eating homophobes".
This sort of hypocrisy is a typical play from the Gospel According To St. Terry Kelly. There are two morals to draw from Miss Bance's deafening silence:
1) It's okay to deport homosexuals back to their deaths in Iran and Cuba, so long as it is done by the Labour party.
2) If you're a gay or lesbian fighting against deportation back to a country that will kill you because of your sexual orientation, don't count on any support from Antonia Bance.


casper said...

My dear, the problem with Antonia Bance is 2-fold: first, she dare not criticise her party; second, she dare not say anything that might be turned against her Labour-loving employer, Oxfam!!

Louis said...

What saddens me even is that Oxfam, the well-known anti-poverty charity which also campaigns to eradicate poverty in the United Kingdom, gives the appearance of becoming an arm of the Labour party. Antonia Bance, the deputy director and head of campaigns of Oxfam's UK Poverty Programme, loves publicly to condemn Conservative policy proposals. This Oxfam senior manager writes on her blog: "Some Tory councillor in Kent wants to sterilise benefits recipients. You know the people that write frothingly awful rightwing-as-fuck comments below any blogpost about the welfare state? Well, one of them actually got elected! Christ." David Cameron's appointment of Richard Balfe as his envoy to the trade union movement provides another opportunity for this Oxfam official to sneer at the Tories. She writes: "a Conservative envoy to the union movement. Note how the virulent anti-union rightwinger gets hushed up in the comments by the nodding heads." She also wants to put more money in the pockets of families living below the poverty line whether in work or not through tax credits and benefits is, and is a staunch supporter of Gordon Brown's tax credts, even though there is sufficient evidence to suggest that tax credits hide poverty rather than addressing it. What makes this Oxfam manager's public statements about the Conservative party even more unacceptable is that she happens to be a Labour Councillor in Oxford and a local Labour party spokesperson on poverty in the UK. Isn't there a conflict of interests here, I wonder.