Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Terry Can't Count

"I'm innumerate!"

Back in the former People's Democratic Socialist Republic of RenfrewshireTM, our favourite Labour party imbecile Cllr Terry Kelly wrote this drivel on his shitty blog:

"Most readers will know that I find the SNP contemptible again no surprise.

I’m now sitting less than 24 hrs. later and I have received 29 comments, one positive and 28 hostile.

The hostile comments are predictably nasty and abusive with a few exceptions, they are all pro SNP and they all have one thing in common. They are all anonymous every one of them.

These people like to think of themselves as 'bravehearts' Scottish warriors for independence and all that 'old pony', ready to vanquish the English oppressors etc.

What are they like ? they can’t even identify themselves to a harmless old blogger like me, I fear the worst when the battle starts, there could be heavy casualties in the crush to run away."

Stirring stuff from the tub of lard, however our friend ShrekBall burst his bubble with this observation:

"Terry you are fantastic. You are either a liar, an incompetent or you think we are one or the other.

There are 29 comments, one supportive of your position which you will probably not have replied to. That leaves 28 other comments.

But there will only be 14 from other people. The other 14 are attacking your position and for each one of them you will have replied with a name-calling abusive post.

But you may have a point about the anonymous thing so I am willing to make you an offer. You pick a restaurant anywhere in Paisley or Renfrewshire and I will pay - lets go out to dinner one night and discuss all these issues face to face. You never know, you may actually like me."

Our Terry couldn't take those remarks lieing down and responded with all his typical hyperbolic bluster:

"The idea that I “might actually like you” is risible I would be just as likely to get on famously with Nick Griffin.

Your racist reaction on America - Your support for discrimination against foreign doctors - Your support for Thatcher - Your arrogant contempt for people in poor areas - your support for American actions in Guantanamo.

Why would I, or anyone with a shred of decency want to socialise with the likes of you ?"

Terry Kelly - the human joke that never gets stale!


Anonymous said...

OOOyyy, I burst the bubble first with my anon post because I am banned as myself.

RfS said...

And 'tis I who am the mighty ShrekBall.

Anonymous said...

Awww bugger RFS, you shouldn't tell. I'm sure Rayleen trawls through the blogs looking for snippets.

RfS said...

Nah, Henry Crun has been getting plenty of comment time recently despite revealing his handle. They just don't have the brains.

Besides, my static IP address I post from should be a huge flag anyway.

Anonymous said...

Neither of them is anywhere near as cute as to actually use the facility to log IP's...let's not forget that they are both old school socialists so this new fangled thingy stuff must go over their heads.

Mind you, it isn' Terrys blog anymore as it is effectively written by Rayleen complete.

Have you noticed his picter has gone? Maybe it was Rayleen in disguise...same size and shape, maybe with a bit of make-up she could be even uglier and look just like her dad.