Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Quote of the Day 26.2.2008: How To Ruin A Nation In Less Than 11 Years

Read it and weep lefty scum:

"People flee communism or even its wet-arsed sibling, socialism. This means it is demonstrably a rubbish political system which has catastrophically failed in its stated mission: to improve the lives of "the people". Those people vote with their feet for capitalist oppression. This destructive political creed is the scourge of the third world, creating refugee crises in countries neighbouring every socialist state and killing millions in the process. The countries with the highest per capita rate of exodus are just such third-world toilets, generally as a result of decades of such socialist misrule causing the most able people to seek better lives in better governed places - yes lefties, even America. But it's not just communism which makes a mess, its aborted foetus: progressive leftism or social democracy (or whatever you want to euphemistically call drippy PC leftist whingeing) does so too, but in an insidious and subtle way.

The highest rate of exodus in the OECD is the UK, which is not yet quite as bad as somalia - which is why Somalis still want to come here. This exodus of highly educated Native Britons is because of Labour policies like taxing people to penury, then spending the proceeds to subsidise crime, using the welfare state. In a vicious circle, the state tries to replace these migrants by recruiting Somalis, who aren't quite the paragons of virtue presented to the immigration officer. The state then sets its attack dogs in the police to criminalise the rest of the British population for driving, whilst turning a blind eye to labour voters benefit recipients burgling your home. None of the money expropriated from the productive classes in this way is being spent on services they use. Councils can't even empty your bin once a week any more! Over a third of Government managed expenditure is being pissed away on Lambert & Butler in the form of direct benefit payments. To little cash is earmarked for roads, and what is, is spent on speed bumps and road narrowing, increasing frustration on your ever lengthening drive to work. The schools, still in thrall to leftist dogma, seem to think that actual teaching facts and morals is a denial of a child's human right to be a grotty little chav, while little Tarquin no longer gets any dosh to spend on his 3-year drinking sabatical university course. The poor too are betrayed: They are herded from sink comprehensives on un-policed estates to universities which used to be polytechnics, in order to take degrees of zero credibility, which simultaneously raise expectations whilst offering no advantage in the Labour market, which they enter £16,000 in debt. This at vast cost to the tax-payer for the simple purpose of massaging the unemployment statistics. Meanwhile, the only job open to many disadvantaged young men without a university "education" is the Army, which is being eviscerated by decades of underfunding and 10 years of over use. Ancient regiments are being amalgamated, whilst shiny arses in the MOD argue about procurement programmes while denying the boys the kit they need now, fighting two (soon to be 3) hot wars simultaneously. There are now more civil servants in the MOD than Front-line infantrymen - a microcosm of the growth in the utterly pointless bureaucracy by which this Party seeks to cement its regime: by the creation of a bureaucratic client state.

So if you've worked hard, own a home and drive a car, this place is shit - especially if you've committed the thought-crime of doing so in the private sector. The Dude will never leave - I have faith that the great tradition of liberal England will return after a century's hiatus, but my parents have already left for Costa-del-Solshire along with most of their friends, where the sun is hot, the beer is cool and the tax is reasonable - as a result, the locals don't have to beat you up for your pension money (or at least they do so less often than they do at home). It is the best people who are leaving, because they can. The politics of the UK will soon be that of the shit that's left behind: and ever more insanely socialist as a result. Perhaps that's all in the Labour plan, though that would be giving them credit for a competence and forethought I doubt they possess.

Gordon Brown, you really are an incompetent cunt who, despite the brilliant economic legacy bequeathed to you by your predecessor in No11, has fucked the country up, and it's only the remaining checks and balances, which I notice you're still busy trying to "modernise" away, have prevented you turning this country into 1978-9. Why don't you fuck off and kill yourself, you mendacious socialist bastard, before you do more harm?" - Jackart

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