Thursday, February 21, 2008

Quote of the Day 21.1.2008: The 900th Post

I found this gem in today's Western Mail newspaper:
"It is disturbing that in a modern and supposedly progressive democracy the freedom to openly discuss and comment upon certain aspects of contemporary society, in even the most rational and constructive manner, has been so heavily curtailed that the individual citizen has been effectively muzzled and rendered politically impotent.
In the present political climate an over-developed sense of political correctness and horror of causing offence has been instrumental in promoting a type of linguistic fascism that connives at the suppression of any unpalatable fact that may reflect negatively an issues to do with race, religion or immigration, however accurate these facts happen to be.
Imposing censorship or suppressing legitimate comment in the context of human rights abuses for the purpose of advocating diversity and multiculturalism can only be counterproductive as the toleration of unacceptable practices by our groups will always be resented by others where values and cultural norms are different.
Cultural diversity has often come to be seen as a blanket excuse for the toleration of bigotry and extreme views by radicals of every persuasion and as a divisive rather than unifying factor in society.
Rather than the cosy utopian melting pot of the popular political imagination, multiculturalism has resulted in the polarisation of different communities and initiated a form of cultural and socio economic apartheid that has become much more deeply entrenched than it otherwise need have been." - Stuart Walters
Bravo! It could not have been put better by anyone else.

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