Thursday, October 11, 2007


Before I continue, I would like to make it very clear that although I might have gone rather too far with my quip for some people (and I must admit even myself somewhat), I was not targeting little Madeleine or her stressed and deeply traumatised family for ridicule. What has happened to that family is a terrible atrocity and an absolute utter disgrace. Not a day goes by where I don't pray for the McCanns during this dark and distressing time for them; they are constantly in my thoughts and I hope that against all the odds, poor Madeleine will be found alive soon and be reunited with her family and friends.
The sole target of my sarcasm was that stupid, bloated, hypocritical pile of shit Kelly for the way he treats people who comment on his blog to expose the failings of both his cruel and corrupt politics as well as his deeply disgusting personality. His is a character so foul and ignorant, that he has unintentional cast himself as a figure of total ridicule and derision for those with even half-a-brain.
I will not reiterate in this post the number of offensive remarks he has made about others and myself because the examples available are too numerous to mention in just one go. If you readers have the time, you can always read about El Tel's past indiscretions by clicking on the label "Terry Kelly" at the bottom of this post, read the Terry Watch blog or Google the phrase "Councillor Terry Kelly". Trust me on this because it'll be worth it.
As for the fucking fat cunt himself, perhaps he should save his infamous "false anger" and righteous indignation for the Anglophobic and willfully incompetent Portuguese police, who seem hell-bent on framing Madeleine McCann's parents for her disappearance and death in order to not only cover up their own failings and general laziness during their earlier investigation of this case, but also further punish the McCanns for damaging their precious tourist industry by keeping Madeleine in the public eye instead of buggering off home like good little plebs.


Fidothedog said...

Your the first, but you won't be the last to banned by TKMax.

C4' said...

Clairwal was the first one to be banned by El Tel.

Clairwil said...

Perhaps we should all form a club 'Too Hot For Terry'.

I saw the comment that got you banned and whilst it was in poor taste it was bloody funny.

The man is a total clown.