Thursday, October 18, 2007

Quote of the Day 18.10.2007

""I campaigned against the Vietnam War and Pol Pot"
What did you do? Write Lyndon and Pol a letter?"
Dear Pol,
How are you? Hope you are well. I read in the Guardian yesterday that the Khmer Rouge are murdering people. Please tell this is not so. This will make me look bad as I am a socialist. So can you do me a favour and expel all the journalists.
Many thanks
Terry Kelly
A Socialist from Scotland.
PS: Hope you like the haggis I sent."
Dear Mr Kelly
Many thanks for your letter. What are we supposed to do with the haggis. It looks like some of the body parts my soldiers play football with.
I have noted your concerns and expelled all the journalists, I think. Please do not worry about looking bad anymore. I'm sure you will sleep much better knowing this.
Your friend
How noble you were." - Henry Crun to Cllr Terry Kelly
LOL! Terry got PWN'D

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