Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tim Roll-Pickering On Thatcher & Thatcherism

It is very rare that someone can make a credible case against Thatcherism, but fellow Conservative Tim Roll-Pickering does so on his blog. Thatcherism wasn't perfect and there were many things that the Iron Lady did get wrong, but this is to be expected of any government good or bad, especially one led by such a formidable women for eleven-and-a-half years. Many of the problems that the Blessed Margaret had to deal are longer as a great an issue as they once were. One has to remember that the Blessed Margaret was leading a counter-revolution against entrenched, corrupt and cancerous interests within her own party, government and the nation as a whole that required her to sometimes set aside certain aspects of libertarian idealism to achieve a better future. Fortunately for all of you she was successful in her efforts to rebuild Britain, putting both the Conservatives and the nation in a stronger position to fully realise the noble and practical ideals of libertarian Conservatism.

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