Monday, February 05, 2007

K.o.K to meet mosque leaders

David Cameron is due to speak to leaders of Birmingham Central Mosque in the wake of a string of terror arrests in the city.
The Tory leader's visit follows the outspoken comments last week of Mosque chairman Mohammad Naseem, who likened the plight of Muslims in Britain to that of Jews in Nazi Germany.
Dr Naseem said the UK was becoming a police state and accused the Government of "picking on" the Muslim community to pursue a political goal.
He said the nine terror arrests in the city last week were an example of the Government justifying its political agenda and anti-terror laws.
"This is a persecuting course of action that the Government has taken. They have invented this perception of a threat," he told reporters.
"To justify that, they have to maintain incidents to prove something is going on. There is dismay and people feel they are being persecuted unjustly."
Mr Cameron's visit, his second to Birmingham in eight days, also follows his first major intervention on Islamic extremism.
He urged ministers last week to pay less attention to "loud" Muslim groups who often did not represent the views of their communities.
Mr Cameron said many such groups pursued an agenda of "separation rather than integration", and the Government could not afford to "defer" to their views.
As his National and International Security policy think-tank published an interim report, Mr Cameron said the "sea" of support in which terrorists swam had to be drained.

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