Monday, January 23, 2006

No Justice 4 Fathers

Recently, Matt O’Connor, the founder of the fathers’ rights protest pressure group Fathers4Justice (F4J) disbanded the organisation after allegations were made that militants attached to it plotted to kidnap Der Furher Adolf Blair’s youngest son Leo. As a result of the actions of a minority, decent honourable fathers have lost their collective voice, setting back the wider civil liberties movement by several years if not decades.
Mr. O’Connor’s own comments in the wake of this episode have certainly not helped when he claimed that fathers in general were less mature than mothers. While it is true that there are a higher proportion of deadbeat fathers than bad mothers, those individuals are still only a minority. To say that Mr. O’Connor’s remarks were a false stereotypical generalisation does not fully take into account the dangerous implications it raises. Apart from playing into the hands of most adherents of the ignorant, hypocritical chauvinistic Feminist movement (the claims from some feminists that they are not man-haters are as credible as David Irving’s assertion that the holocaust is a myth), it paves the way for other movements to be disbanded, even ideas and faiths to be abandoned and suppressed. Should the American civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s have been disbanded because of the activities of a few fringe militants that had lost perspective? Should Islam be wiped off the face of the planet because the actions of the so-called ‘Muslim’ Osama Bin Laden and his followers? Should women have abandoned campaigning for the right to vote and equality because the criminal acts of a minority?
Certainly not!
For all its faults, F4J provided an essential public service in highlighting that about 50% of contact orders are ignored by mothers and rarely (if ever) enforced by the courts. On the whole F4J’s stunts are no different from those used by Greenpeace, but the former are perceived to be an easier touch than the latter judging by the amount of legal, political, media and feminist black propaganda and persecution utilised against the group. Despite these setbacks though, the fight against parental inequality will continue (and hopefully those superheroic theatrics too). Bank on it!

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