Saturday, January 07, 2006

My Sentiments Exactly

BB's Galloway voters in MP protest
Rebel MP George Galloway has been accused of betraying his Muslim constituents for appearing on Celebrity Big Brother.
The Respect Party politician came under fire from a dozen local residents who staged a protest outside his office in east London.
They said he had abandoned his responsibilities in Bethnal Green and Bow and demanded he give back his MP's pay for the time he is in the house.
A Muslim voter, who wanted to be known only as Ali, said Mr Galloway was setting a bad example to Muslim children.
The community worker said: "I have spoken to a number of people at Friday prayers who voted for him who are very disappointed.
"They are disappointed that he's gone on the TV with a Page 3 model and a Baywatch woman. What sign is that giving to the Muslim community?. It's not what the Muslim community wants from their MP.
Michael Keith, leader of the Labour-led Tower Hamlets council, added: "We think the public should know that our MP is not here. He's not doing his job in Parliament and he's not doing his job in this community.
The group held up banners with slogans including "Get back to work Galloway", "Where's our MP?" and "Give your MP's salary back".

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