Friday, January 20, 2006

Galloway Eats More Humble Pie

BB celebs reeling after vote twist
The atmosphere in the Celebrity Big Brother house is grim after Wednesday's shock nominations.
Rula Lenska was left stunned at the betrayal by Respect MP George Galloway, who chose her despite being her closest friend in the house.
As a punishment for discussing previous nominations, George and Preston were called to the Diary Room and forced to choose three housemates who would automatically face the public vote.
They chose Traci Bingham, Rula and Maggot - unaware their comments were being shown to the rest of the group via the plasma screen. Both nominated Traci, while Preston chose Maggot.
George nominated Rula, explaining: "Mine would be Rula on the basis that she's trying too hard, in fact, she said that she was now going out to win.
"I never said I was out to win!" a furious Rula shouted at the screen.
Preston and George were left close to tears when they discovered everyone had heard their Diary Room comments. The pair had to spend the next hour trying to appease the nominees, who were all visibly upset. Redhead Rula spent the day giving George the silent treatment.
My heart bleeds for the stupid lapdog!

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