Monday, January 21, 2008

Cruel, Callous & Corrupt Hypocrites

So our lords and masters are ordering our brave war veterans to pay back their pensions while our greedy and corrupt MPs prepare to vote for themselves an inflation-busting 10% increase of their own wages and pensions. These MPs' are also running ridiculous amounts of taxpayers' money on 'expenses' while ordering other public sector workers to expect a below-inflation salary increase of 1.9-2.5%. When this lot 'retire', they are awarded peerages for their shameless greed and corruption or are chosen by their equally slimy colleagues to join the Evilpean Union gravy boat as commissioners where they are free to commit even worse acts of corruption with taxpayers' money and get away with it.
What a fucking shower of total, shameless cunts! The original Guido Fawkes (circa 1605) had the right idea!!!

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