Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Liberal Crybaby's Rant

I had a very interesting email yesterday from one the Students' Union's paper tigers. I hope those of you with a Conservative mind will enjoy this ignorant rant as much as I have?
On your weblog you have the following entry:
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"The global capitalist system has killed more people than Adolf Hitler"- Swansea University RESPECT Students
So have the Black Death, Uncle Joe Stalin and Mao Zedong, therefore what is the point being made?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
It is a very silly thing to purposefully misattribute quotes. The quote above seems to be an approximation of a quote made by George Galloway. Whilst the quote is factually true, I fail to see why you have lied about its source in order to make ... well, I'd say a point but your statement fails to make one.
Lesson one, never call me a liar! That quote was made in an official piece of RESPECT Students' literature, so please do not try to pass the buck onto Galloway. Galloway may be a lot of things and he may share your sentiments, but he did not make that quote.
You seem to have developed some kind of delusion surrounding the Swansea Respect group. Given your abrasive, rude and unalanced behaviour towards many students in the past, your obsession is somewhat concerning.
Unlike you and the rest of RESPECT Students, others and I have no illusions about your little rabble. Nor am I obsessed with RESPECT considering how your Sith Lord in Bethnal Green & Bow embarrasses himself at every available opportunity. You are also a fine one to talk about me being abrasive, rude and "unalanced" considering the same could be said about Darth (or should that be Daft) Galloway and his hero Uncle Joe. Pot, kettle, black!
While it is true that I can be abrasive at times, it is only because I have to be in pursuit of the greater good. Far too many students are living in a dream world and need a reality check. As Bart Simpson once said "you don't win friends with salad".
I hope you will respond to this email soon.
(name withheld to protect the ignorant),
PS. In response to your question, the point being made is that capitalism is a brutal economic system that presides over the deaths of even more deaths than Adolf Hitler. Given that Hitler was himself a forceful supporter of capialist interests and was supported by big business not only in Germany but also abroad - your hero Gerorge Bush's grandfatrher was a sympathiser and war profiteer. The spread of the black death can be linked to the early expansion of pre-bourgeois trading routes. The various dictators you mention all presided over a non-free market, bureaucratic state capitalism [I suggest the writings of Tony Cliff on the economic and class relations of Stalinist states]. Global capitalism, of which you are a rabid proponent, has killed thousands of times more people than all those on your list combined.
The point I was making (which seems to have totally escaped you) is that both capitalism and communism are as bad as each other, the difference being that the "capialist" system is has been proven by the course of history so far to be more practical than socialism, thus making it the lesser of two evils. "Gerorge" W. Bush is not my hero and I do not always agree with his decisions, but he does have my respect (an ironically alien concept to RESPECT) even my admiration because he has the courage to do what is necessary on the areas of common agreement I have with him. I am well aware of what Bush's "grandfatrher" (please use your spell checker) is accused of, but that does not mean we should tar Dubya with the same brush. Your last statement also flies in the face of the facts and figures available.
If supporters of abortion are morally equivalent to Myra Hindley, how does it feel to be the equivalent of a mass-murdering genocidal lunatic responsible for tens of thousands of unneccesary deaths every day?
[sarc] Why it feels great! [/sarc] It may interest you to know that the abortion issue is one of the few areas of common ground Gallas and I share with one and other.
If any other liberals wish to send me any "love-mail", you can do so at


An Outsider said...

If you're not obsessed with the group, why dedicate such a large rant to it? And exactly who is the liberal crybaby? Is it you? Or is it whichever one of the numerous Union socialists sent that? Cause I can say none of the socialists, nor sure as hell you, are liberals!

C4' said...

I dedicated such a large post to it because the email sent to me was just so funny to read. It was ripe for ridicule!

El Tom said...

well said. I can't stand tose guys, and I'n a committed socialist. By the way, plesae stop confusing that with liberal... what slander.

I see you're into straight edge. May I recommend that you read the lyrics to the thoroughly wonderful leftover crack song, 'atheist anthem'... that way I dont have to bother commenting on such things.

Conservative punx are so, so wrong.