Thursday, October 06, 2005

Warrior's Wisdom Exposes Treacherous Tyrannical Tony

In the last few months, the former professional wrestler Ultimate Warrior has come under a barrage of criticism after both his recent lecture at the University of Connecticut and the release of the World Wrestling Entertainment DVD, The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior. The man formerly known as Jim Helwig (who legally changed his name to Warrior) has been labelled as a homophobic, insane and unprofessional fascist by ignorant, mediocre fools and immoral, unrepentant former employers and co-workers with a grievance. However, the truth is rather different. Although he is a highly-strung eccentric who seems to have instantly ingested and digested an entire thesaurus, Warrior is an intelligent, self-taught moral and political philosopher who recognises the dangers posed by the re-emergence of an evil and insidious ideology that has been thriving since the end of the Cold War – socio-political and relativist fanaticism posing under the guise of neo-liberalism.

The battle for hearts and souls between neo-liberalism and its opponents has its origins in the age-old divide between conservatism and liberalism. Conservative ideology has always categorically stated that there are always moral absolutes where as liberal thought states that there are no moral absolutes and that all moral and philosophical viewpoints are of equal validity. Liberalism is an ideology that gives equality of legitimacy to virtue and sin and barbarism. It is liberalism, not conservatism as it commonly believed, that was the breeding ground for political extremists such as Iosif Koba Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot and others of their ilk. Fascism and Communism have always had far more in common with each other than they do with the traditional right and left-wing and centrist political mainstream (it helps to think of the spectrum of political opinion as that of a circle rather than a straight line). Warrior is not alone in his assessment of the dangers that liberalism poses to all of us. On February 22 of this year, the best-selling author and Daily Express columnist Frederick Forsyth wrote of a number of unfailing characteristics that all extremist political parties share. These are;
• An obsessive desire to not only defeat, but to obliterate other political movements.
• A hatred of even the mildest of criticism whether it be from external or disserting forces that is to be ruthlessly crushed. As Forsyth put it “Disagreement is not only unallowable; it is evil.”
• A willingness to resort to character assassination on any opponent, regardless of their integrity, as a first recourse by the party’s bullies and hatchet men.
• Media manipulation to revere their own and demonise their opponents and victims.
• The establishment of a cult of personality that raise the extremist’s leader to the status of godhood.

These characteristics which were an integral part of the regimes of Hitler, Lenin, Koba Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and Mussolini and sadly that of New Labour under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Blair like Hitler and Koba Stalin has centralised greater power into his hands at the expense of both the Cabinet and Parliament, which have both been reduced to little more than rubber-stamping talking shops (or as Blair would say as he said of the then-proposed Scottish Parliament in a 1997 interview, “a parish council”). Hitler and Blair, though sensitive to public opinion and the views of intelligence gatherers and researchers, always seek to mould and manipulate popular feeling into supporting their agendas.

Hitler, Koba Stalin, and Blair have all singled-out minorities as scapegoats ripe for persecution to serve as distractions from the real issues at hand. The Jews in particular have suffered most at the hands of extremists both in the Third Reich and during the last years of Koba Stalin’s rule, but they are not alone. Today’s scapegoats are refugees seeking asylum (branded scroungers and benefit cheats by Labour and the tabloid gutter press) and Muslims. The latter are conveniently tarred with the same brush as Osama Bin Laden and other “Islamic” terrorists, targets of legalised persecution that is totally contrary to our nation’s most cherished beliefs and time-honoured customs. What ever happened to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty?

For almost ten years, I have been alerting people to the very real dangers that New Labour and their arrogant, smug and sneering European Union colleagues pose to us. Unfortunately like Warrior, I have been dismissed as a madman and critics have attempted with little success to smear our reputations just as the neo-liberals and their supporters have the hypocritical audacity to branded neo-conservatives as fascist, asset-stripping religious fundamentalists. Only now can the majority of Britain finally see Blair for what he truly is, a very real British equivalent of Hitler and Koba Stalin rolled in one. An Antichrist that makes the fictional likes of Alan B’Stard and Francis Urquhart seem like paragons of virtue. If you still think I’m a crazy man, just remember what happened to the 82-year-old activist Walter Wolfgang and the Erith & Thamesmead Labour party chairman Steve Forrest at this year’s Labour party conference in Brighton.

Mr. Wolfgang, a Jewish refugee from the Third Reich, a Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament vice-president and Labour party member for nearly sixty years, was eject from the conference hall in full view of television cameras for calling Foreign Secretary Jack Straw a liar over Iraq. When he attempted to re-enter the hall, he was prevented from doing so under “anti-terror” legislation (note the similarities between Labour’s anti-terrorism measures and the infamous 1933 Enabling Act Hitler forced through the Reichstag). Mr. Forrest was then ejected from the hall as well for rightly complaining about Mr. Wolfgang’s appalling treatment. This episode is only the latest in a long line of abuses of power by a regime that treats even its very own, most vulnerable and longest serving members with open and thuggish contempt. How long will it be before our dear beloved Fuhrer orders all “dissidents” like poor Mr. Wolfgang and Warrior to be put up against a wall and shot by a firing squad just for expressing their opinions as they should be entitled to do so (within reason of course)? Who needs the British National Party or George Galloway, communists and Stalinists when we already have New Labour in power and are effectively living in the Fourth Reich?


Bloggers4Labour said...

our dear beloved Fuhrer orders all “dissidents” like poor Mr. Wolfgang and Warrior to be put up against a wall and shot by a firing squad just for expressing their opinions ... effectively living in the Fourth Reich

I've tried "opening my mind" to that truth, but have so fair failed to see it. Would I need something psychotropic?

C4' said...

Very funny!